Wednesday, 28 November 2007

2008 Budget

2008 budget is available from here check it to see if what you want is included in it

30 th November

day after tomorrow will be the much awaited 30th November and its almost sure that the constitution will not finish by then. what would happen on that day will there be protest on the streets?. will the special majlis just coolly decide another deadline?. who will be the blamed for the failure?. the president of the country or the president of the majlis or its members?. or will the public be blamed for it?. lets wait and see. the drama will unfold just less than 48 hours

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Dr Saeed VS Government

since the resignation of Dr Hassan Saeed he had been on the limelight for making comments on the governments failure on all fronts. and the government had been responding to each comment he has made. sometime you may think hassan saeed is viewed as a greater threat than all the political parties combined. the latest of the clashes have been recently due to changes proposed by the DRP to the chapter on the "President " to the the constitution been drafted. with hassan saeed accusing the government of a plot to block him from becoming the president. i wonder who will win in this continued clashes.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

chapters of the constituoon passed so far

november 30th is the deadline that the majlis has set themselves to finish the constitution. before that we need to know what it would consist of. take a look at the passed chapters from

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Al-qaeda has its eye on maldives

a website has released a vedeo they say will soon be released by al-qaeda to call in assistance to the himandhoo prisoners. maldives came under the lime light of al-qaeda i guess.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Another Suicide

Another person of 28 years has committed suicide. it seems suicide has been very common in the maldives lately but it seems that any one in concerned over it. they say people commit suicide because they couldn't cope with situation and they see it as a last thing to get rid of the situation. isnt it time we set up a hotline where people can discuss there can talk to someone who could give advice to them . explain to them of how they could tackle the situation to solve the problem and let the young people know that suicide is not the best option available. maybe the religious scholars can explain to the people how suicide is viewed in the religion. someone needs to do something .

the race for presidency

the race for the presidency is on now. already president maumoon,Umar Naseer,Reeko Ibrahim Manik,Ibra,Hassan Saeed has said they will contest. Adhaalath Party has said they would Appoint someone who will participate after the constitution is passed and MDP has yet to Finalize of their Candidate.It would be an interesting election Year. probably all the candidates will use whatever they got to take the title. It would be the Acid Test for the current President who haven't been contested this fiercely in his almost 30 years as president. but it all depends on when and if the drafted constitution get passed before end of this year.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Finally Salary to be increased

the presidents office has revealed they have decided to increase the salary to be increased from next year and also to provide free education material to grades 1 to 12. it would be a relief to most of the people. with election year next year it would be criticized as a campaign trick.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Capital Radio on Internet

capital radio can be listened on internet @ please do check