Sunday, 30 September 2007

our peace shattered.

yeaterday would probably go down in history as the first ever bomb blast in the maldives. the bomb it seems was targetted at a specific time for a specific people.they day being the 17th of ramazaan ( the day of BADR" ) and the targetted area was tourists rather than locals do strongly suggests that this was an act of islamic extremist. if so this means that maldives have a clear threat from islamist now. but some do suggest that this may be the act of democratic reform, they set the stage so that it would be pointed at islamist. and some would say that this is the act of government to score points in the upcoming elcetions to score points. whoever did it did a serious mistake. they have striked at the already fragile economy of maldives. it shattered the record we are having as a peaceful place where you can find peace and happiness. this changes the international community views us. the people who are responsible for this childish act should be punished to the full extent of the LAW. they should not come under any pardoning of anyone whoever it is. we should not let any kind of extremism take over this peacceful nation we are so proud of.its good to know that two people have been arrested in connection hope they catch the gang behind this..

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Handover the prisons to the military Says IDP

the IDP has called on the home minister to hand over the prisons to the military they claim that when the military was controlling the prison it was more organised. hmm was it really organised if it were why were a lot of inmates dead when they controlled it?. the prison may be in control but will the torture of inmates stop?.there were widespread systemetic torture when it was under the military. i dont think handing over the prison to the military will solve the problem. its not an issue of who is controlling the prison thats the problem but the managing of the prison the problem.if there were a clear code of ethics on the prison then it would be more manageble. the inmates should know what their rights are and when will the boundary stop. and the prison guards should know how they can act to control the prison at different times and when to use force and how much force they can use or rather their should be trained guards to control it.but not of this will work if the prison is being used as a political game by the political parties

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

DRP Suspends its Deputy

DRP has suspended former attorney general and one of it's deputy and the former justice minister and one of it council member in participating in Any DRP activities. the reason pointed out has been that they criticised the government and its reform agenda and criticising the president. check the news @ how would the Dr Hassan react to this?. and what would be the reaction to this from the information minister and one of the best friends of Dr Hassan?. the information minister is said to be reluctant to accept the post of attorney general out of respect for his friend. lets see how sincere he is

Monday, 24 September 2007

when will the new attorney general be sworn in?

Its been days now after the resignation of the attorney general and still no one has been appointed to the post. all the otheres who resigned have been replaced. in the case of the attorney general ots still vacant. ofcourse information minister us overlooking the office but he has stated that he dont want it to be a permanent post. some newspapers have reported that the president want to divide the tasks of the attorney general some of it coming under the information minter. and it has also been reported that the new attorney general would be the current home minister. the president have said even with the resignation of the ministers government would survive and the information minister have stated that the post of atttorney genral has ben selected and the president will nominate the person after he returned from his jordan trip. it's been days after that and still the post is empty. either the government dosent know what to do to the post or the government probably dosent have someone they can trust to be as attorney general after all the post hold a critical power at this changing times and the government would be very careful who they appoint to the post. the latest attorney general shocked the the government to be cautious in their decison. lets wait and see

Thursday, 20 September 2007

FIFA rejects FAM

FIFA the governing body oin world football has rejected the leadership of FAM. according to the FIFA the FAM (Football association of Maldives) needs to get elected before 31st of December. question is was the old FAM leadership elected. if not why did FIFA accepted their leadership?

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

MPA unable to cope with the load?

last night we heard that workers at the MPA did damage to the clearenc office of MPA. The Workers unhappy over long wait to clear the goods and other mismangement of MPA ( according to some newspapers).they just were unruly crowd (According to Government Media).all the time MPA says the same thing the Harbour is too small and overcrowding will occur when capacity exceeds. they have been saying that for a long time. the Commercial Harbour never seems to be able to cope with the demand and always space is to blame. how much space does MPA needs?. the whole of Male' ?. the amount of space the commercial harbour is going to be limited cause male' happens to be a place where people live.Why should all the goods that come to Maldives have to be unloaded here?. what is the use of Hulhu Male' ,kulhudhufushi, and addu atoll MPA space?. which law says all goods have to be unloaded to here and redistributed. why cant some goods be unloaded to those sub stations. Maybe if they did that the price of goods in the atolls may decrease.its just another mismanagement of the current administration maybe it needs to have a reform agenda yeah maybe...

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Anyone can serve only two terms as president?

the drafting commitee have drafted the section on the president on the constitution as "anyone who have served 2 terms as presidnet cannot be the president again". Somepeople will get overjoyed by the news hoping that the current president will not be able to be president. but some will look at it in a critical way. i happen to be one who is sceptical about it. the thing hasnt been rectified by the majlis and the 29 members of the current president is still in the majlis and even if it get passed the question will be raised as to when would the 2 years be counted will it be from the date the constitution comes into affect or from the time the country became a republic. lets see what happens when the draft comes into the majlis and watch the drama as it unfolds .

Monday, 17 September 2007

IDP says death Penalty for addicts

IDP president has said if he is president he would impose death penalty for drug addicts. well then a lot of people have to be killed and probably there would be a solution to overcrowding of the population i guess. He also said that both DRP and MDP cannot cure the drug crisis and he reasoned by saying that DRP is the party that made the crisis and MDP cant do it cause most of the top level and party activist of MDP according to him are drug addicts. serious accusation i guess if you can't prove it. abig bluff coming out from a president of a political party and from someone eho have declared that he would be running for presidency of 2008.Is what he says practical?. will the people with all disgust to addicts approve death penalty for them and to get the death penalty he would have to endorse it through the majlis will he be able to get the support of the majlis for it?. and will the international community that we are so embedded in approve it?. the answer to most is likely to be "no" than a "yes"

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Chief Government Spokeman liquidated?

there are reports that chief governmet spoken post has been liquidated by the government. if this is true why did the government took the decision?.maybe its related to the leaked letter of information minister during the resignation on the then foreign minister?. if so then all the communication of the government would be through the information ministry. hmm

Friday, 7 September 2007

Ramazaan moon Puzzle

ramazaan will meet us in days and the biggest puzzle every year is what would be the first day of ramazaan. the calendar says it is the 13th of september. but sometimes its decided against the calendar. sometimes its decided according to astrological data other times it is decided if the moon was sighted to a muslim nation. the ordinary person dosent have a clue when it would be the first day. sometimes if the astrological data says that the moon wont be sighted then it wont be decided as the first of ramazaan other times its acted differently. some say its decided to the mood the president is. hope the president is in a good mood when he returns from jordan

Thursday, 6 September 2007

aafathis news website have a new look

aafathisnews have changed its website layout check it out

Will there be a pay raise

the price of everything is going up. the only thing thats not going up is the salary. the fasting season is days away. its a season where the spending gets high. if the salary is not raised then it would be a very hard times. does the government always remembers its people only when voting comes. the salary and allowances of the island chiefs was raised days before the referendum. this proves that there is no shortage of money for the government. do we have to wait till next year November to get a raise?. Hmm what to do. if the salary is not raised then atleast the government can try to control the prices. hmmm

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Police service had camera trained on voters

human rights commission has revealed that they have found that police service have surveillance camera trained on voters in one area of place they observed. they said this in their final report they published
( see page 9) police service have admitted that they did it but said they did so to maintain law and order. hmm this only add more distrust to the outcome of the voting .

Majlis Miadhu the best commedy show ever

after TVM and radio started broadcasting the majlis people has started watching and listening to these two stations. it has become the best ever real comedy series ever been broadcasted. the acting and the script are world class. but now we are hearing that they are thinking of discontinuing this series which would make the ratings of the stations to decline. hope they continue the show so that we get to laugh our heads off before we go to sleep. at least it will make us forget the problems we face everyday and give us a happy mood. that series is sure to get the best commedy series in any TV award ceremony.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Detail report of the referendum of august 18 released

the human rights commission of the maldives has published their final report on the august 18th referendum check it out from

Is the police capable?

is the police capable of maintaining law and order is a question some will ask. well the safe of municipalty was stolen building was torched and criminals are loose on the street. police took action only after 3 places was torced and after the safe was stolen and police only started searching for loose criminals when all these things started happening. they are supposed to make thse things not happen. they probably should act before crime strike. there are a lot of cameras placed around male' and when something happen its never captured on any cameras. but sometimes they act very swiftly like they stopped the strike organized by opposition party. and when they stop it they use brutal force and filthy language. in these cases they are seen as provokers rather than try to restore law and order. hmmm

Monday, 3 September 2007

Majlis News on DhiFM

from today DhIFM will bring majlis news on the day of a majlis meeting do tune to DhiFM to get whats happening in the majlis

Sunday, 2 September 2007

What did we vote for?

what did we vote for in the august 18 referendum?. before the voting it was said that we are not voting for if the current government is right or wrong or if we are happy with the current government. it was said we are voting for the future of our country and whats best for the future of this country. however after the vote that had changed. now we are hearing that the result indicate the support by the people for the current government and the trust people had with the current government and DRP. the hard fact of campaign lies are coming out. we are yet again fooled by the current government. some DRP people and the government and the president himself has said the result indicate support for the current government. have they forgotten that 3 other parties also campaigned for the Presidential system and the result may consist of their supporters too. dont they have any respect for the other political party and their supporters?

Saturday, 1 September 2007

somebody tried to torch the Dr zahir hussain's garage

someone had tried to set fire on Dr Zahir hussain's garage. police say they are investigating it. lets see the cameras in the area is any help to them.

MDP muzahira started

MDP has started their "muzaahiraa" today evening at 16:30. withinn minutes Men in blue came and dismantled them and they their is total chaos in the area. all news sites have been reporting about the event some reporting that police at times just arrest anyone they want . the opposition earlier said that this is a series of " muzaahiraas". in difficult times for the country is this the right thing to do?.