Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Promotions for DRP Members ...........................................

Today we saw two new State Ministers appointed. It seems we are the country who have the highest number of Ministers. DO we really need these many ministers?.with almost 3 days for the Civil Service to take over the Government Staff Management Most of the High Ranking DRP Members are either a Minister, a State Minister or a Deputy Minister.which means when the civil service comes most of the DRP Members are untouchable. Do we really need a state minister to run the Electricity Company or the Immigration Department?.There is No logical reason for the promotions other than to make All DRP Members untouchable to the Civil Service.It want be a surprise if we hear other promotions during the weekend.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Two new FM Channels Coming Soon

Two New Fm channels are going to come to Maldives. One is HFM which will broadcast on 92.6 and Radio 7. All these channels will Broadcast to male' area. so When will the FM channels which Will Broadcast to the Atolls Start?

Promotion Marathon

March 2nd the Presidents office is to hand over government staff management to the Civil Service and it seems the government is in a race against time to give promotions to everyone who are in the parliament which represents the Elite "DRP" and whoever holds a Influential job in it. some of them have been given a promotion twice within a week.Even Today 4 people are promoted to Deputy Minister level.Most Likely the promotion Fever will end when the civil service takes over or will it?

Monday, 11 February 2008

Will Maldivians Abroad get the right to vote?

The constitution stated before that every Maldivian over the age of 21 can vote. the New constitution is passed anybody over the age of 18 have the right to vote. The constitution never said whoever is abroad at the time of voting will not have the right to vote. But they have never been given the right.In the past the Maldivians who lived abroad have been neglected when it comes to voting. If they want to vote they have to come to the country to vote.even recently when the referendum was held they neglected the issue. There seems to a lot of Embassies of Maldives Established around the world. But will the government use these institutions abroad give the citizens of Maldives to vote in the coming elections. Does anyone care about this issue?. there are a lot Maldivians in Sri Lanka , India and UK and Malaysia and other places. Will HRCM or Any political party act to make sure they get their rights?. or will they be ignored yet again?

Friday, 8 February 2008

Police Commisioners letter

Minivan news published a letter which is said to have been sent by the Police Commissioner to the Elections Commissioner to take action against the biggest opposition party for their role in trying to change the government with the help of a foreign party. and another letter from the Elections Commissioner to the Presidents Office and later to the Attorney General on Advice on the matter.
The interesting Part of this whole letters is that the Elections Commissioner asked the presidents office which is Governed by the Head of the Rival Party. And then ask for legal assistance from the Attorney General. this puts question on how fair the verdict would be to any opposition party. and the other thing thats surprising is that the Police Commissioner is Concerned About a political Party trying to change the government with the assistance of a Foreign Political Party while he puts a blind eye when the Parliament is almost completing the Constitution of the Maldives with the help of foreign experts which bare a lot of their followings.
One would winder trying to change the government with foreign help is dangerous while trying to impose foreign law on People is ok. it reminds us of the old saying "Presidency comes first"

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Betrayed Again

When the government decided to raise the salary of the government employees. they originally said that the lowest jobs will get the highest increase. People did believe it a little when the raise proportion was announced although a lot of them complained about the prices of goods not going down and in relation to the raise of prices is small.
Today we heard a news which deepens the complaining. the ministers , state ministers , deputy ministers got a salary increase to the same proportion as the lowest employees got. it seems the government has yet again betrayed the failed to show "fairness to all " and "sticking to their words". proving they comes first before the people. but i don't think anybody will be surprised. its probably what the government have been doing for a long time betraying the people

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

May 1st a Big Day of Change

May 1st is celebrated around the world as may day. this year its going to be the day a big shakeup of government will take place. it is the day when The first ever Civil Service of the Maldives comes into affect. they have already given an ultimatum for the members of parliament who are currently in the government and holds a non political post to choose either the parliament or Civil Service and they have given notice to everyone who are above 60 in the government and who holds a non political post in the government to retire before that date or they will be forced to retire.Over the next 2and a half month there will be probably a lot of Vacant jobs in the government. But People wonder will it be for the better or for the worse?

Friday, 1 February 2008

Dr Afrashim makes news Again

Today most of the local news websites went to active with a breaking news about Dr Afrashim Being attacked. it seems Dr Afrashim makes headlines after his infamous sermon given about music being legal in Islam. After he expressed his "Views" in a TV programme during the ramazaan he have been the target of what is commonly known as "Religious People". Some people have even questioned if he is authorised by the Supreme Councl For Islamic Affairs to give religious sermons.
Does All the Reason a lot of people dislike make him eligable to be attacked?.