Sunday, 27 January 2008

Another New Maldives?

Today the news came that a Movement in the name of "New Maldives" got registered in the home ministry.What would happen to the "New Maldives Movement" that became famous with the former ministers?.Interesting fact is that the movement got registered days after the current legal reform minister stated in his blog that the movement that Dr Hassan brands as new Maldives has no legal grounds. it was never a legitimate registered movement according to him.
The events that happened before the movements registered today as "New Maldives" Makes a lot of people point the finger at the government for playing dirty politics to sabotage support or Dr Hassan's Rising Popularity. Some people questions if the New Maldives Movement don't have any legal Standings why was it not Banned when they were still ministers of the government. why did it became illegal movement after Dr Hassan went against the government?. Some Adds Dr Hassan's New Maldives was legal according to old Constitution and maybe with new constitution it Became illegal. it Would be interesting to know what the people think the real New Maldives Movement is according to their view

Friday, 25 January 2008

How will it go this time?

Today Island Aviation Started international Flights. the first destination is India. the company says that anyone can go to India from any Airport in Maldives. With the fate of Air Maldives still in mind people question will it end the way it ended like its predecessor . Will the company be open about their financial status. and if it did face problems like Air Maldives will the company be open About it.

Monday, 21 January 2008

The President is Always Right

there is a saying customer is always right. well in Maldives the saying modified to a local way and its called the president is always right. If the president said something then it usually becomes law and anyone who says otherwise is trying to give wrong information. an incident like this happened very recently the president in a DRP gathering said that the special majlis said that the majlis passed a resolution enabling him to compete in the elections and anyone who says otherwise is not giving the right information.
The majlis said it passed a resolution saying that no one who have served two five year terms cannot compete in the elections. if the president is saying the truth then people who says of what the president said in june 9 th is lying. and people who says in the the constitution that came to effect in 1997 had the same clause and later was removed is also lying.
furthermore people who says what the president said in DRP gathering put questions of the independantness of the special majlis is also lying. The president is Always Right

Saturday, 19 January 2008

I can compete for another term

the president have said in the 27th annual meeting of DRP the the special majlis have passed the resolution on five year terms so that he can still compete in another election. the opposition have been saying the opposite. The state media also promotes that the president can have another term and there were advertisement in local newspaper congratulating the president for that.
the opposition says he cant compete for another term saying the resolution clearly states that no one who have completed 2 five year term as president cannot be a candidate. how will this fight end. i asked a friend about his opinion as to if he thinks the president can compete in the elections he said yes he can. constitution says that anyone who have completed 2 five year terms as president cannot compete and the president has completed only 1 term consisting of 30 years. and in earlier elections it was kinbigasdhoshugey maumoon who competed while this time its going to be the zaeem of DRP competing. i guess he may be right

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

suddenly the question of why

yesterday the special majlis passed that anybody who have completed two terms as president cannot participate in another presidential elections as a candidate. after this resolution was passed a new question was put forward. was the special majlis amending the constitution or is this a new constitution being passed.the opposition says it a constitution was ammended while the DRP or the ruling party says its a completely new constitution.
the opposition says that the special majlis was passed to amend the current constitution and because of the resolution passed yesterday the current president could not participate. and this resolution can only be changed by the high court and even high court cannot change the fact
the DRP says it is a new constitution being passed and the president can be a candidate. they say that they will go to the high court if they have to .
we probably will see heated sessions in the majlis in the days to come. some people suggest that all the problem comes because the current president wants to be the president as long as he wants

Saturday, 12 January 2008

was the bodyguards at fault?

the bodyguards of the president has come under a lot of criticism after the attack on the president at Hoarafushi.most of them blaming the bodyguards for not reacting before the scout did. some says there was a very loose security compared to the volatile political situation at the time. some says there should be tigher security for the president specially after september 29th attack on last year. some says that this shows how little the countries security forces have been ready for a threat.
there are others who says the bodyguards did what they should do. and according to them the bodyguards did protect the president and they took the president away from harm very quickly. they say that in a campaign trip it would be difficult to have a very tight security and the bodyguards did there best given the situation.
some even suggest to investigate the issue to see of the bodyguards were in fact at fault or not

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

who carried out the attack

The president was targeted with a knife attack recently by a 20 year old youth. he has been arrested by the police with 3 more people. the question now is who did it and why?. the president in an interview to the state media said he dont wont to comment and its upto the police to find out while his spokesman was quick to point the finger @ the opposition alliance. the alliance deny this. some suggest that it was a campaign drama played by the ruling party as it is known to gather support and simpathy to them while others blame it on religious extremist. since 4 people has been arrested indicates that it was not a solo incident and it was an organised crime. lets wait and see what the investigation reveals

Monday, 7 January 2008

equal campaign rights

This year we will see multiple candidates campaigning for the presidency , and one would wonder will there be equal campaign rights ?. a lot of this will be tested as one of the candidates happens to be the current president. There would be allegations against whoever is responsible for caretaking the process. Already people are saying that it wont be Fair . Speaking to DHiFM IDP president Umar Naseer said if the president campaigns using his official launch and have full security then the others should be treated the same way during the campaign process.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Friday, 4 January 2008

Free & Fair Elections , is it possible?

the government says they will do whatever it is to make the 2008 elections free and fair. but a lot of people will ask is it possible?. some say it cannot be possible with the current government in place stating that the current president is a candidate in the elections and he will use his powers to make it favourable to him. a government who have been ruling for 30 years which according to some people ruled with and iron fist have tried to forge the elections before and there is no gurantee they will not do it again. and the solution people suggest is a transitional government with independant government.
the current government heavily disagrees saying that the current constitution dosent allow a transitional govenment and all the talk a transitional government to have a free and fair elections is just another way to make lies.