Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Finally Attorney General Appointed

president has finally appointed Azima Shukoor as the new attorney general and renamed the information ministry as Ministry of legal reform and information just as some newspapers have been speculating for days .

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

I am back

i was in and out of hospital for the last few weeks so i couldn't update my blog. i am back now and will update as before

Thursday, 11 October 2007

New ATMS of Bank of Maldives Installed

new ATM machine of Bank of Maldives have been installed near MCSE and Olympus. check it out if other ATM's Are crowded

Some IGMH Doctors asked to stay at home

a newspaper has reported that some IGMH doctors have been asked to stay at home. among the doctors include Doctor Niyaf. it says the doctors themselves dosent have a clue why they have been asked to stay at home. guess even the doctors dosent have job security

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

why did religious extremism came to maldives?

after the recent bombing of sultan park and the standoff between security forces and religious extremist in himandhoo we ask ourself why did this come to maldives. some would say its due to the repression of the current government. some would say its the bi-product of too much freedom in maldives.
people who say its the result of repression say that because the government have had a heavy hand on everything prior to 2003. and when they started to loosen the grip people started to distrust what the government said and more beleived the religious scholars who said anything against the government regardless of whether its true or nt.
people who say its due to too much freedom says that its because of the freedom some scholars started to eleborate some religious issues that are debatable and went with it.
some others would say its because of the government's neglegiance to educate the people about religious issues.according to them its only recently that the state TV started broadcasting how to pray. and they say the government body to educate the people about the religion "supreme council for islamic affairs " had been promoting government propegenda for so long people lost trust in it hence loosing trust of almost all religious scholars who had any view similar to that of the govenment stance on it and people went for scholars who have contradictory version of religious issues
which ever the reason the government and the religious scholars need to tackle the issue before another incident happens.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Himandhoo terrorost hive?

today the security forces of the country clashed with the himandhoo extremist. from the news photos it seems they are way overboard. according to one news paper it was the worst clashes they saw in maldives. the himandhoo extremist were masked and had swords and petrol bombs with them and they were using it against the security forces. it sems himandhoo is the terrorist hub of maldives the pictures are disturbing and they say say have causgt 3 police officers with them. it brings fears in to the normal persons mind what had my maldives become of?. .exclusive pics @

police searching for bomb suspect in himandhoo

police now carrying out special operation in himandhoo

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Why did they do it? and who are they?

a lot of suspects have been arrested in connection with bombing of the sultan park but we havent heard about the reason why we did it. they say the people in custody have confessed to doing it and they have told why they did it but the police still says they can't publisize why they did it yet. they say they can't say yet if and whether the bombing is connected to any organisation yet. but according to news reports all the people arrested do have long beards and are beleived to be following strict islamic fanatic beliefs. and last night they raided a place where a grouop of muslim fanatic uses as a mosques and according to the news report the police took a some IED's. the police havent confirmed this.
why did maldivians want to blow up places?. and why should they target the industry we are so musch depended upoun?. it cannot be linked to any islamic belief cause islam stickly forbids harming others for no reason. and just because they have beards and turbans they cannot be linked to muslims cause islam is not represented by something you wear or how long your beard whatever their beleif is and for what ever reason they did they could be best described as psychos who needs serious psycological help. hmmm


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