Saturday, 30 April 2011

which TV Station ?

wonder which TV Station in maldives now gives the truth. some say MNBC ONE. all who are in favour of the government likes it. the opposition says it gives every news one sided.Some say DhiTV gives it fair. People who favour DhiTV is the opposition. those who are against say that every news on it starts wordings thats against the government. there are people who favour VTV, but some say since its part of Villa group whose chairman is an opposition party leader all its news are ccontrolled by his policies. the newly formed Raaje TV according to some say is supported by the government. i guess the answer to which TV station talks the truth is it depends on which side of the political circle you are.

Friday, 29 April 2011

MDP elections

tomorrow MDP is going to hold its internal elections. we have seen heated comments between canditates running for its presodent and vice president. one camp accusing the other on all sort of things. its secretery general lost his job for campaigning for a candidate. a debate between candidates was dropped after accusation of corruption. there were internet anti campaigns against candidates. some now say that after the election result there may be a crack in the party like what is now happening in DRP. some disagree with this saying MDP is much stronger and a drift as DRP because MDP is not a party based on one person but rather on an ideology. lets wait and see what happens

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Dollar , Dollar

from all corners of the country people are talking about the dollar crisis. you go to the local market ask for the price of something and get a high price and complain you will get the answer its due to Dollar crisis. even if you ask for the price of local foods you get the same. go to the fish market and the fisherman would say its because of the dollar crisis. the construction company complains that they are worst affected of the dollar crisis bacause they are forced to give salary increment to foreign staff . nobody seems to be talking about the real hardship that students studying abroad. they are now forced to pay extra 20% when they take money in the foreign country they are studying.

Child Abuse Cases Everyday.

Everyday in the news we hear about a child abuse case being unfold. and its not Limited to locals .Expatriates are also involved. Some Say Child Abuse Cases were there before but its now people have the courage to report the issue. but still in some Families they tend to Hide the issue. sometimes when the child Report that some one in the family is doing bad things to them the child is being told not to talk about it. The other issue is when a case is reported the police can arrest the person with a court order after which the police gather up evidence against the person. before the case is fully investigated the court may decide to cancel the court order. this gives the chance for criminal to do more harm and go Missing.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Weaker oppossition a sure win for the Ruling Party

The current State of the opposition makes you wonder can they give a good fight in the elections in the 2013 elections. The main opposition to many "DRP" is split between the former ruler and his running mate in the 2008 elections. both hate each other."Adhaalath party" is Split between for and against the Government."Jumhooree Party" Seems to be with a Naked Coalition With the Faction in "DRP" that supports the former Ruler. while "Gaumee Party" is Officially in partnership with the other Faction in "DRP". Nobody Knows What "PA" is upto they seems to be supporting the former ruler but ppl question their motive.There is no partnership between the opposition as it was back in the 2008 Elections. If the the situation of the opposition stays that way the 2013 elections is going to be a clear Win for the current Government.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Whats the solution for the gang fights?

what could be the solution for the gang fights?. Is it to take all the gang members to jail. will it stop if they were given rehabilitation?. In the case of jail some would say it may solve the issue temporarily. Rehabilitation some would question can it be given in Maldives. Maybe if we look into why gangs are formed and try to eliminate the cause for gang formation it may be the best way. but everybody powerful to do anything about it seems to be caught up in political warfare. Maybe the before combating the gang violence we need to do a campaign to stop the political warfare

Saturday, 16 April 2011

View the days Exchange Rates

with the setup of a floating exchange rate everybody would want to know the current days exchage rate. well here is where you can view all the banks exchange rate in one place here