Sunday, 24 June 2007

Another Shufle

today the news was covered with another reshuffle of cabinet by the president. what would the reshufle change?. lets wait and see.

New Radio service

The new radio service operator has started their test service. it would be good to tune in to their frequency on FM band 95.2 and find out what they have to offer

Thursday, 21 June 2007


when you think of the hardship the islanders face when they come to the capital male'. its a heart breaking story the struggle they have to go through. they come to male' because there isnt good facilities in their islands. when they come here they have to search for a place to stay.the places that are for rent are expensive and when they finish what they come to male' they are exhausted a lot of money gone from them and most of the medicial cases they always have to come back for a follow up since they couldnt afford the high prices here they go back to the islands and come back again . wish to see a better than this where they get better educational and medical facilities atleast in atoll level.

Maldivian Artist exhibition in Lanka

was browsing the local website of maldives and came across this news

Have you Taken the tickets

Have you taken the ticket for the football match on saturday organised by Care Society? why not buy one? its a charity match and every ticket counts.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Did you Put the Dhivehi cd

everytime somone calls tell me that their system is restarting or they couldnt login to their pc i ask them did you try to watch the latest dhivehi vedeo cd and almost all the time the answer is yes. its the new way of protecting against piracy by the producers. i could understand them trying to prevent piracy but does it needs such drastic matters. i may be the only one to think like this but i think using those methods they use now to prevent piracy is a little over the wall. there should be other ways of doing it.

Tech Podcast

anyone who wants to listen to technological stuff can try this web addres

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


tomorrow one of the opposition party IDP is going going to start their hunger strike to protest against the rising ptices in maldives.I just read the local daily Haveeru and in it they qoute that there will be 25 people in it. lets wait and see what happens

My cousin Bros Website

just wanted to add a link to my cousin bros website

Monday, 18 June 2007

i finally managed to make my flickr web address
will be uploading all pictures to this address.

"CARE SOCIETY Would like to publish this message

Greetings and well-wishes!

Care Society would like to present, the ‘Charity Match of the Year’. Four of the biggest 1st Division teams in the Maldives come together and battle it out on the pitch all just to show their support to a good cause.
It’s a CLASH OF THE TITANS: VB-Valencia versus New Radiant-Victory.

The match will be held on the 23rd of June at 1600hrs in the Galolhu National Stadium.

Care Society would like to extend this opportunity to show your support and sponsor the match.

Avenues of Sponsoring;

Jerseys (Team Jerseys, Officials Jerseys, Referees Jerseys)
Sponsor advertisement on Jersey front Mrf 20000/-
Sponsor advertisement on Shorts Mrf 10000/-
Sponsor advertisement on Sleeves Mrf 5000/-

Half Time Refreshments (for players)
Mineral Water
Energy Drinks

Half Time Refreshments (For audience)
Stands with drinks and snacks
Contribute drinks and snacks for the stands

Mrf 2000/- (Banners made by sponsor, hung in National Stadium)

For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to call Fathmath Nizam or Mohamed Nashwan on 3322297.

With Warm Regards



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