Thursday, 20 March 2008

Another Radio Service On

Another Radio Service Came to Service this time its FM 96 Radio Atoll. they would be sending test signal on FM 96 due tune into the channel to get its signal.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Civil Service Will it come to Life

will the Civil Service really come to life on May 1st is a qiestion difficult to answer now. With Major amendments proposed to the Civil Service Law raises a lot of Questions. Already the Civil Service Commision Has Started to giving Notice to People Over 65 that they will have to retire after 1st of May. But the amendments proposed suggest to give them a period of two more years. If the amendments gets Passed then the Letters Civil Service Sent will be a waste. Furthermore the Presidents office have it seems instructed Government Offices to treat the people who are exemted from the Civil Services Commision in the ammendment it proposed to the majlis as Political Posts. The Civil Service are conducting training to Government Staff about the Law and if the amendments got passed most of the onformation would be of no use. hence the Service may loose the trust of the Employees. untill 1st may we will have to wait and see

Monday, 17 March 2008

Toxic Water

Days after the tragic death of five ppl food and drug authority confirmed that the water used for cleaning the fish in the main fish market and the surrounding sea area near to the fish market. the food and drug authority blamed it on contamination of fish waste and swerage for the toxity. the question is what the about the other areas?. is the waters surrounding the male' safe. a lot of waste is thrown to the sea by the dhoanis anchored and even swerage is disposed to the sea. the authorities need to make sure that the water is safe in other areas and if there is the public should know if there is any danger. it would be good to check the track area and the artificial beach area where most go for swimiing to see if there is any concers that the public should know about. if there is a concern it should be addressed. we need to do that to avoid the conflicts between government officials after the mish market deaths that one warned the other of the toxic nature before the incident. its always better to tackle the problem before it gets deadly.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Ammendments to Exclude Friends and Family

The government have sent amendments to the civil service law to exclude a lot of people from the list of civil service. Almost all the entities the government wants to be excluded includes the members of the " favor List of the government". the Government's Proposed include Minister Level Posts, State Minister Level Posts,Special Advisers to the President, Political advisor's to the Ministers, Atoll Chiefs , Island Chiefs, and so on. Most of the people say the government seems to be afraid of loosing the Power they had on the people and the government is not very truthful of bringing reforms to the country and the government always favors Family and friends over the people.
Some People Even say the President may even Declare that civil service is not acceptable for the country yet and may abandon the civil service law.It seems Law is not for friend and family. or maybe most of the Time to attract customers companies are using Friends and Family package and the Government just copied their strategy .

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

HFM started their Test Signal

HFM has started their test Signal on FM 92.6. they say they will be sending music it would we good to tune into the channel to see if you get the frequency. their test signal now available online too visit to get their station

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Honeymoon Period for Civil Service

today the much Awaited civil service came to operation. after today it seems that all government staff will be Managed by the Civil Service. I was thinking that today the president would issue a decree postponing the handover of government management reasoning that there are some issues clarified by the majlis as there are ammendment recommended by the government to exclude some more government offices from the civil service. But thankfully it didn't happen that way. However the first day in operation it seems it received a complain from a senior government official on his job reallocation from one ministry to another. May 1st is the deadline for the civil service fully come active. the two months ahead of the deadline is seen as the Honeymoon period of the Civil Service. it would receive numerous complains from the civil servants and it is how they tackle these complains and the challenges they come across that will make the people believe in the Civil Service and its Integrity. lets hope things goes well