Friday, 31 August 2007


i am back to blogging. i was sick for sometime so i wasnt able to post any new blog entry. sorry that my blog was not updated for sometime. the poll i posted on my blog says most people view by blog as crap 12 people voted and 4 people think its crap 3 says its not good while 3 says it is good and 2 says its excellent. had to do a lot i guess to make this blog something that people like.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Media Unlimited given licence

another private broadcaster media unlimited given permission to broadcast today their station is called HFM 92.4 and they will service kaafu atoll only they say they will start test broadcasting on next month

The voting is approved By Human rights

the Human rights commision has said that the referendum voting is credible and they approve the voting and its result they said this in a news release

Cabinet reshuffle today says haama daily

haama daily said today there would be another cabinet reshuffle. hmm guess the president would use every card in the book to remain in power

Anni Arrested

one news service has reported that anni chaiperson of MDP has been arrested by police

Ibra wants to be president

Male' member has said he is interested in becoming the next president. hmm this make the next presidential elections more interesting

tourism minister car burned

someone or someway toursim ministers car has been burned

Friday, 24 August 2007

will the commisioner release the voters list

its almost a wek since the referendum and still ther is no official voting result. the 11 member commitee demands the commisioner hand over the list of people who voted in the referendum. and the opposition published a report saying that 25000 people on the list published by the elections commisioner are people who are either dead or not elogoble to vote. some people say that people who were dead also seems to have voted.if the commissioner released the list of people who voted will this allegation and speculation stop or will it increase?. the result released by the commisioner states that more than 150000 people did actually participate in the voting. this accoridng to the opposition is not true. they say the initial list released by the commisioner include 180000 people while he commisioner announced at that time that more than 194000 are eligibale to vote. and the other thing that makes doubt in peoples mind is while the commisoner admitted that they printed 300000 ballot papers why did they print additional ballot papers for the re-voting of addu. ther are so many unanswered questions that makes people not trust the results

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Most view the the current system as dictatorship

most people who participated in a poll in my blog view the current system of government as a dictatorship. out of the 51 people who participated 16 people think the current government is following a dictatorship 12 people say its a parliamentary system , 10 people say its a presidential ,8 people say its communism and 5 people say its a seems the government needs to do more to get the trust of the people to change the peoples view. i wondeer will it change?

New foreign Minster and Justice Minister Announced

new foreign minister and justice minister assigned new foreign minister is former state minister for foreign affairs abdullah shahid and justice minister is the current deputy justice minister. further to this riluwan shareef becomes state minister for finance and treasury

Human Rights Commison Of Maldives

if you think your rights is being violated check this website to report it to the human rights commission. you should know whats the law of human rights in Maldives and how you are protected the link is

10 year old sits in G..CO level

a 10 year old girl has set for the exams of G.C.E O level in two subjects and got good marks in it. she sat for English and accounting and got B in English and C for accounting

airport Security Guard Proest

the airport security guard has protested yesterday cause of dissatisfaction on overtime pay

DhiFM is one month old

Today DhiFM is one month old they have special programs today do tune in to FM 95.2 or through web

National Library Website

perhaps if you don't know the link to the national library here it is

Law On Electricity Distribution

Do you the Law on supplying electricity to Maldives?. check this link its always better to know the law cause then they cant do what they want.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

3 minister who resigned to start a law firm

the former attorney general, the justice minister and foreign minister is to start a law firm according to the newspaper which reported Dr shaheeds resignation before. dont know whats the truth

Dept of Examination

here is the link to department of Examination

Buisness Nmaes

Do you want to search the buisness names of maldives try this link

Maritime law of Maldives

and here is the maritime law of maldives

land Vehicle Law

here is the land regulation law have a look maybe there would be less accidents if people view this

Good News!

The president office are going to count the service time for people who resign and rejoin the government for their pension

Resignation One by one?

the news website that originally reported Foreign minister's resignation is now reporting that the one next in line is fisheries minister. DHiFM reported quoting the fisheries minster that he hasn't resigned yet but wen asked if he had applied for resignation he refused to comment . so i guess he may resign . when will this resignation epidemic stop when all the ministers resign?. or when president resign ?

Voting Today

voting would be held today on addu. will the result change the initial result of the voting?. will there be a high turnout or will there be a poor one?. there were unrest outside the commissioner of elections last night. some say its due to commissioner of election refusal to give a list of people who voted. hmmm...

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The president will resign?

the president has commented on when he will resign on an interview to AFP. how truthful is his words? ,

Do you beleive this?

was browsing the local newspaper websites and got hold of this article have a look and have your own view

V TV given License

V TV one of the TV stations to start giving television service to the whole of maldives is given the license to broadcast. they are going to start service within the next 5 months or so they say . atleast we are going to be able to watch something other than TVM

IGMH Dhivehi Doctors Back

the dhivehi doctors that went on strike two days before over a child's death has ended their strike. has the management gave in to theor demands and have the security of the hospital increased?.

whoose next?

it seems minister after minister is the foreign minister has resigned. 18 days before the attorney general and justice minister resigned. the questions everybody probably is asking would be whoose next and is this the end or is there more?. already there are rumours that some other ministers are thinking of it too. all the ministers that resigned talk of the same thing corruption inside the government and difficulties is trying to do what they wanted. the government had yet to appoint a new attorney general and a new justice minister .the foreign ministry is currently run by the state minister abdullah shaid. will the president deputy minister and his daughter as the foreign minister and if that happens will shahid remain or resign lets see..

Finally Foreign minister resigns

the foreign minister has finally resigned

Monday, 20 August 2007

all ballot to be re checked and re counted

all ballot boxes to be rechecked and re counted and if there is any flaw they may even want to have another voting.

Building code

do you to know whats the building code of maldives. its available here

dharubaaruge bookings

ever wanted to book dharubaaruge for your weddings?. want to know if it is booked you can check that from

People joining DRP

hmm its been reported that a lot of people are joining DRP guss after the vote people are joining the victorious. how very typical

A man is killed

A man has been found killed in kulhudhufushi. a special police tam is now on its way 1to listen to live news of the crisis on DhiFM @

DhiFM Posted their programme schedule

DhiFM has posted their programme schedule on their website would be good to check it out. wonder what happened to the other private broadcaster capital radio they still send their test signal. and don't have any news of the next TV operator Atoll TV

Sunday, 19 August 2007

presidential system won

the referendum voting held yesterday has revealed that most prefer presidential over parlimentary. with result so far indicating 93042 in favour of presidential system while 57109 for parlimentary . there was high turn out at the polling stations. the question now is that how credible is the result already both major partied DRP and MDP has filed complaints of fraud in the voting process. voting will again be held in two ballot boxes in addu due to mishandling of the voting by election officials. how will the Opposition react to the result so far. will they accept the results or will they demand voting result not valid. whatever it would be a turbulent times. well lets see how things develop

DR Shaheed to resign

DR shaheed to go in 48 hours

Saturday, 18 August 2007

TVM launces website

TVM launches its website and the election result is available from ther too

elections results

if you are in the maldives you can check the election results by sending sms to 400 with the PRR or throutgh the elections website

IGMH docters on strike till tuesday

one newspaper has reported that IGMH Doctors are going on strike till tuesday over a childs death

Haveeru online Audiocast

haveeru online also is audio casting the voting you can hear it @

DhiFm Can be listened online

DHIFM 95.2 can now be listened online now check out they are bringing the coverage of the voting now

Friday, 17 August 2007

Campaigning for the system of government has stopped

at 18:00 hrs the campaining for the system of government has finished. now its time to see what the result is. the result will determine the system of government the people want. tomorrow morning the voting will start. the question now is does everyone knows where the ballot boxes are and where they are to vote please check these link and find out the place where you have to
the places where male' ballot boxes are

ballot boxes for atolls people in male'

where the ballot boxes are can be viewed @
Please find the area you have to vote and please go and vote

National Housing Policy

it good to know what is the housing policy of the government. so far there havent been any but the housing ministry has drafted a proposed housing policy. its good to read what it is just take a look at it

another resignation?

today there was a rumour that Dr shaheed , the foreign minister has resigned. i couldnt beleive what i heard so i did what i always do when i hear such things. try to establish the truth in these rumours.i asked different people about it all of them have the same answer. there is a rumour that he has resigned. so i went through the local newspaper websites. they say he said that he haven't resigned newspaper even claimed that he had an understanding to make the resignation secret till sunday.another newspaper qouted him as saying that he met the president today and he told the president " i dont want to let corrupt politician do whatever they want" and the president is said to have told " he would all support to pull out the corrupton". what ever the case the fact is something happened today and there are some reservation on Dr shaheed about the government. what did he mean by "corrupt politicians". does this mean that what Dr saeed and jaleel said after resigning is true?. what ever it is this shows that there are problems inside the government and it needs to solve the issues whithin itself. if DRP is the ruling party then it needs to resolve the issue within the this the start of the fall of the current government?. How will the president tackle this resignation issue. will the people trust the replacement for the government. well lets wait till sunday to see if the rumours that are circulating now are true. lets just wait

Thursday, 16 August 2007

People Prefer Dhirhaaghu over wataniya

the poll that i published in my blog has shown people still prefer choosing dhirhaaghu over wataniya out of the 32 people who voted 18 people prefer dhirhaaghu while 14 prefer wataniya. either dhirhaghu managed to handle the competition well than wataniya.well wataniya needs to do more to take the lead

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

it seems presidential wins

the vote counting is going on and it seems presidential is winning the race. with the current result it seems 102584 people have voted. it seems a high turnout for voting. well will the opposition accept the results. both DRP and MDP have filed complaints of fraud. and they are reporting that one ballot box in addu havent still been closed and counting has not yet started. what would happen after the final result?. lets see what would happen in the coming days

Voting Differences Chart

check this link to see a chart discribing the trend of presidential and parlimentary system with each area

Presidential Takes over parlimentary

the result of the voting is coming and it seems that presidential takes over parlimentary what is the reason has the opposition nopt been able to give their message or have they failed to give good information about the voting.

Maldivians abroad stripped of theor rights

it now 3 days till the referendum and their still hasnt been a way organised for the people abroad can vote. every time the president give a speech he says this is a good democracy and yet the people abroad has been stripped of their righ to have a say in the future of their country how very democratic. the elections commisioner blame it on the special very good. have we not thought about it for 30 years because of the majlis?. too bad the attorney general resigned otherwise he may have advised the president to do so as he did to make political parties. he did point out that police and army can vote under the constitution and any law forbidding them of doing it is illegal. he must have not known that the people abroad didnt had a say in the running of government for the past 30 years. the oppsition party and the news paper is very good in putting pressure when it comes to the rights of criminals and political people but when it comes to citizens abroad and their rughts they aren't that effective. the country have failed to give the citizens of this country living abroad their voting rights.they go on the street , plan hunger strike threaten the government when someone they support is in custody but in this case nobody wants to do anything. perhaps if there was a member in parliment representing the citizens abroad it would have been a different picture. maybe he might have spoken about it in majlis maybe then when the law of the elections was written he would have made it clear that they are included in it. just maybe

Monday, 13 August 2007

Nokia phones have a batery problem

some nokia phones are having a battery overheating problem while charging. are you having a nokia phone if so check if your mobile is affected.

E-Banking Launced

Bank of maldives launced its internet banking last night they say you can transfer money from one account to other and they say You can pay bills by using internet banking. and they say its hacker free. if so its a very good service. lets wait and see how much the bank can be trusted after the mishaps weexperienced earlier to their credit card thing.

Are we at war or are we campaigning?

are we campaigning or is DRP and MDP at war?. we are seeing daily that campaingn posters of both posters are being ripped off or burned. and now there are reports that people are getting threats of harm. it seems instead of giving the people information about the system of government all sides are concerned more with giving damage to the other side. its more like a civil war situation. i wonder if the voting will be peaceful. these acts may affect the turnout of the voting. wish both the sides get more civilised and try to give real information about the system of government so that the people can decide.there are even reports that some people are being threatened to vote for a certain system or face loosing their job. with all these things happening we dont see the elections commision getting involved or any other office getting involved to stop these actions. what to do....

Shaheedhunge dhuvas or martyrs day

Today is martyrs day or shahedhunge dhuvas in maldives to mark the people who died for the nation against occupation. it was a public holiday before but now it isnt. this is also the day we lost our nation to the portugeese too.well we call matyrs who fight for the nation against a foreign power but what about opression inside the country. what about the people who against brutalizm inside the country by the governing people. wont those people who try to find freedom within the country also wbe called martyr's. god bless all who have fought for the country.

3 arrested videoing torture of naked female

police today arrested 3 people for vedeoing a female student being tortued nude.what had people come to now?

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Another corruption case?

today the chairperson of MDP anni and member husnul sood has filed a corruption allegation against the director general of meteorology and member of presidents family abdullah algeen. they alleged that its a 2.3 million would this case ends is anyones guess. will it be delat as before or will we know the details of it and will there be justice?. if algeen is clear what would this do to the credibility of MDP?.os this a government project or this is a private project. what would be justice for the people,MDP supporters and DRP supportes? . we probably will have to wait and see

its august 12th does anyone remember?

Its august 12th did anyine remember what day it is. does anyone remember the day people gathered at the republican square to speak against the current government. on the 13th there were mass arrests . does anyone remember the day when the changes that came to maldives started ?. do you remember the where you were at that day. the infamous 144 or emergency was implemented. the day the internet was disconnected to the nation?. what are your memories of that day.

Friday, 10 August 2007

use the right to vote

most of the time we see people criticising the voting results without actively participating in it. we always say its going to be the same. but how could it be. things do change. but its not going to change if we sit at our home and loose the opportunity to make a change. the referendum is going to be taken in 8 days now and we should use our voting right to say what system we want. its going to be a close race this time and even a one vote difference is going to make a lot of difference.if we dont go to vote then we also loose the right to criticise the outcome of it. if you dont participate in it why do you talk about the result?. hope that a lot of people would vote and a lot of pepole would see how the voting is done in all the places. not only in male' the capital. dont let the way of the katheeb be the way people vote. the day of kuda kaafu or bodu kaafu is over dont let that happen. vote for what you think is good for the future of the country. hope the young would actively try to get as much people as they can get to vote on this referendum and make it a decision of every one eligable to vote.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Havent Thought About it !!!!!!?

tonight at 8 pm news of TVM they said the Human Rights Commision are trying to establish a way tomake the people outside the country vote in the referendum. they said the Elections Commision they havent thought about it. what a beautiful answer. i wonder have they though that the voting registry may include people who are dead and did anything to eliminate those before publishing the voting list?. this have been the way we have been voting for the past years. how credible is the result of the vote. did they check the voting result to check if any dead person have voted?. they havent upto now updated the voting list so that someone who died in 1980s' would not be there. they have within the past never though of the people who are outside the country as eligable to vote?. or is it ounce you leave the country you are no longer considered as citizens?. we have been voting for the past 30 years and the elections commision is performing as if they were just established. there are talks that the police and the army can vote in the elections but nobody is concerned about the peolle outside. and even though it was a tradition that the police and army dosent vote can anyone prove they havent voted in the future after all the registry wont state if he is a policemam or an army person. maybe they have voted befor and maybe thats why we get 80% and over in all votes .. yeah maybe

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Unbeleivable voting list

there have been rumours around the country that there are dead people on the voting list. at first i didnt beleive it until i experienced it first hand. ichecked my house and my grandmothers house abd i was really shocked at what i saw.i couldnt stop laugfing at what i saw. my mom who had passed away in 1991 is being listed as eligable to vote and i think my grandmothers name is also there who passed away in 1989. they dont have an updated list of the people in the country they dont know who is dead and alive. what can we trust now? no wonder the justice ministry is looking for people who have been sentenced without them being there. probably most of them have passed away decades ago. i am begining to question is 300000 of the people counted with this list?. you never know

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Has the reform Agenda Failed?

We are hearing allegation and counter allegaation after the resignation of key ministers. The most talked about about the reform agenda. Has it failed or not?. and there are now questions of whoose reform agenda it is. earlier what everyone thought was that it was an agenda set by the president to bring reform to the country. but in the environment day celebration speech the president had stated its an agenda of the people and if anybody accuses the agenda has failed then they are really saying is that the peole has failed. Is this really how it is?. Is there anything the people can do to spped up the reform agenda?. ..

Finally Lenovo is coming with linux

lenovo is going to to offer linux operating system in their laptops intead of windows. hope someday linux would be popular than windows

Monday, 6 August 2007

voting list

elections commision has published the list who are eligable to vote in the referendum to be taken on the 18th. check if your name is in the list . the list is available at

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Government in crisis?

today the shocking news of the two people incharge of law and order namely justice minister and the attorney general resigns criticising the president heavily. this will damage the already bad image of the government further. the latest news was that the armed forces has entered the office of these two ministers and have closed down the places. it had never gone to a level as this after a resignation of ministers. the question now is how will the government get the confidence of the people now or will they ever get the confidence or are we going step by step to a military crisis?. with the referendum in the 18th this cast shadows of whether it will be held or what tomorrow holds up. the nation has entered into a dark crisis time for sure it probably is going to be a rough ride ahead keep up tp date of the issues from these sites,,,,

Saturday, 4 August 2007

in search of a name for my baby

i am going to be a father within two to three months and we are now searching for a name to be called. i would like all the help i can get in this. the gender of the baby is not known yet. we didnt want to know.

how will people outside the country vote?

The referendum day is coming closer and closer and i havent heard any news about how the people outside the country can vote . there are a lot of citizens in other countries and they should be able to vote. there are embassies in most countries.they said that police and the army can vote so should the people outside the country also should be able to vote there should be a way they can participate afterall they are citizens of this country and this referendum is going to decide our future. the future should be decided with their say in it. hope the elections do consider a way to let them vote and make it public so everybody knows how they can vote

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

29 member removal issue in tonights sitting

the famous 29 member issue is again to be discussed in tonights sitting of the majlis. will the sitting be filled with accusation and counter accusation between members . i wonder when will this stops and is the majlis going to spend all the time discussing the 29 member issue over and over again and will the 29 members be removed with the 29 members given the right to vote for or against it?. after seeing the retake of the forged vote is their enough support for this issue within the majlis to get it passed. the government holds on to the 29 members cause thats the support they get to have their way around the majlis. when will this acting of the majlis members stop and when will they get serious about doing something for the people. the electricity bill for each sitting plus the salary and other benefits given to them is making the country go dry. it dosent help the country if this goes on and on without any concrete discussion. and most of the time the majlis members will say according to what i think. how could they say that they are not there to say what they think they are there to talk on behalf of the people that selected them. well hope this drama of the majlis with MDP and DRP fighting for the role of hero ends and hoe they think of the country before they think of their personnel grievances

What system is the current Government following?

some say the current government is following a presidential system , others say its parlimentary ,others say its a mixture,communism and dicta what does the public think?