Thursday, 21 June 2007


when you think of the hardship the islanders face when they come to the capital male'. its a heart breaking story the struggle they have to go through. they come to male' because there isnt good facilities in their islands. when they come here they have to search for a place to stay.the places that are for rent are expensive and when they finish what they come to male' they are exhausted a lot of money gone from them and most of the medicial cases they always have to come back for a follow up since they couldnt afford the high prices here they go back to the islands and come back again . wish to see a better than this where they get better educational and medical facilities atleast in atoll level.


fathun.. said...

aaaaaaaarrrggg!! it infuriates me!!!
all maldivians deserve a better lyfestyle!

Anonymous said...

Your story is an old one. Everyone knows it. many has ideas about how to overcome it but they cant do it. few has the resources and power to do it. but they are busy with making their own money. and it comes down to the goverment to do. but the gov doesnt care cos they all live in luxury and the islands only come into picture during elections. otherwise its all behind invisible curtains

thakurubey said...

thank you all for the comments