Tuesday, 9 October 2007

why did religious extremism came to maldives?

after the recent bombing of sultan park and the standoff between security forces and religious extremist in himandhoo we ask ourself why did this come to maldives. some would say its due to the repression of the current government. some would say its the bi-product of too much freedom in maldives.
people who say its the result of repression say that because the government have had a heavy hand on everything prior to 2003. and when they started to loosen the grip people started to distrust what the government said and more beleived the religious scholars who said anything against the government regardless of whether its true or nt.
people who say its due to too much freedom says that its because of the freedom some scholars started to eleborate some religious issues that are debatable and went with it.
some others would say its because of the government's neglegiance to educate the people about religious issues.according to them its only recently that the state TV started broadcasting how to pray. and they say the government body to educate the people about the religion "supreme council for islamic affairs " had been promoting government propegenda for so long people lost trust in it hence loosing trust of almost all religious scholars who had any view similar to that of the govenment stance on it and people went for scholars who have contradictory version of religious issues
which ever the reason the government and the religious scholars need to tackle the issue before another incident happens.


Mr.Blogged said...

hahhaa.. i think the blame is going to the government. religious scholars!. doesnt the government knows the qualities of the religious scholars from countries like Pakistan. i think whats taught on there is extremism

Anonymous said...

Because we you people have been ignorant . Too ignorant to let things get this far.

Ahmed said...

Convert to Buddhism. That's what we were following before Islam came on the scene.