Sunday, 27 April 2008

HFM posted their schedule

HFM managed by the local daily Haveeru has published their programme schedule. check it out

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Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly Haveeru is one of the pillars of the current Regime. It has spend decades spreading misinformation to the public while hiding the truth. It is funded by the government (people's money). It is 'owned' by Gayyoom's long term friend who has held ministerial positions since Gayyoom's presidency. We hate Haveeru and condemn all its atrocities. We do not want any of Haveeru's control entity FM, TV, Website, Papper, Book or Orchid Plants in out country. And we want to see a day there is no Haveeru in this country. We have had enough of lies.

Ifaaf Ali