Saturday, 30 April 2011

which TV Station ?

wonder which TV Station in maldives now gives the truth. some say MNBC ONE. all who are in favour of the government likes it. the opposition says it gives every news one sided.Some say DhiTV gives it fair. People who favour DhiTV is the opposition. those who are against say that every news on it starts wordings thats against the government. there are people who favour VTV, but some say since its part of Villa group whose chairman is an opposition party leader all its news are ccontrolled by his policies. the newly formed Raaje TV according to some say is supported by the government. i guess the answer to which TV station talks the truth is it depends on which side of the political circle you are.

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Koamas said...

I would say none is good. but MNBC is better than others. I have seen DhiTv and VTV always showing anti govt news, as if nothing else important happens in Male'.