Saturday, 23 April 2011

Weaker oppossition a sure win for the Ruling Party

The current State of the opposition makes you wonder can they give a good fight in the elections in the 2013 elections. The main opposition to many "DRP" is split between the former ruler and his running mate in the 2008 elections. both hate each other."Adhaalath party" is Split between for and against the Government."Jumhooree Party" Seems to be with a Naked Coalition With the Faction in "DRP" that supports the former Ruler. while "Gaumee Party" is Officially in partnership with the other Faction in "DRP". Nobody Knows What "PA" is upto they seems to be supporting the former ruler but ppl question their motive.There is no partnership between the opposition as it was back in the 2008 Elections. If the the situation of the opposition stays that way the 2013 elections is going to be a clear Win for the current Government.

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