Thursday, 21 April 2011

Whats the solution for the gang fights?

what could be the solution for the gang fights?. Is it to take all the gang members to jail. will it stop if they were given rehabilitation?. In the case of jail some would say it may solve the issue temporarily. Rehabilitation some would question can it be given in Maldives. Maybe if we look into why gangs are formed and try to eliminate the cause for gang formation it may be the best way. but everybody powerful to do anything about it seems to be caught up in political warfare. Maybe the before combating the gang violence we need to do a campaign to stop the political warfare

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Anonymous said...

fear creates gangs. fear can be used to dismantle gangs. Not that as a society we have to abandon our values and become like paateys themselves. We can use already existing god given laws to eliminate this threat. For example in Gisaas, the victim's family is given authority to keep the offender alive or dead. if they forgives the offender he goes free (in murder cases). However if they want their son's or daughter's killer be killed that wish shall be carried out. Its a commandment from Allah. In other countries also they take life for life for serious crimes. So if a gang or no gang, if somebody kills another intentionally and is liable for that crime, the offender's life shall be ended. only then will gang's loose their power of fear and disspate..