Friday, 8 February 2008

Police Commisioners letter

Minivan news published a letter which is said to have been sent by the Police Commissioner to the Elections Commissioner to take action against the biggest opposition party for their role in trying to change the government with the help of a foreign party. and another letter from the Elections Commissioner to the Presidents Office and later to the Attorney General on Advice on the matter.
The interesting Part of this whole letters is that the Elections Commissioner asked the presidents office which is Governed by the Head of the Rival Party. And then ask for legal assistance from the Attorney General. this puts question on how fair the verdict would be to any opposition party. and the other thing thats surprising is that the Police Commissioner is Concerned About a political Party trying to change the government with the assistance of a Foreign Political Party while he puts a blind eye when the Parliament is almost completing the Constitution of the Maldives with the help of foreign experts which bare a lot of their followings.
One would winder trying to change the government with foreign help is dangerous while trying to impose foreign law on People is ok. it reminds us of the old saying "Presidency comes first"

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