Friday, 1 February 2008

Dr Afrashim makes news Again

Today most of the local news websites went to active with a breaking news about Dr Afrashim Being attacked. it seems Dr Afrashim makes headlines after his infamous sermon given about music being legal in Islam. After he expressed his "Views" in a TV programme during the ramazaan he have been the target of what is commonly known as "Religious People". Some people have even questioned if he is authorised by the Supreme Councl For Islamic Affairs to give religious sermons.
Does All the Reason a lot of people dislike make him eligable to be attacked?.


AfRamSham said...

Bing really stupid and being a puppet of the maumoon means he deserves to get his ass kicked.

yea m anonymous cus of u. said...

Being a muslim and believing that music and sex and stuff is not allowed or haraam still i find the same people doing the haraam stuff. I wonder whether the majority actually understands what they believe.
i ve met a lot of people who gives speeches about the religious issue's and debate on it and the same people doing it. I was expecting them to have v strong faith in what they believed.

I think religion is bullshit. they are just using it to control your thoughts so they can live a happier life.
when will u ever open u minds.
u might be thinking that i donno what islam or christianity is.well i d be laughing my ass out if id knew u thought like that. :P
Cheerzz.. peace be upon all of u.