Saturday, 23 February 2008

Two new FM Channels Coming Soon

Two New Fm channels are going to come to Maldives. One is HFM which will broadcast on 92.6 and Radio 7. All these channels will Broadcast to male' area. so When will the FM channels which Will Broadcast to the Atolls Start?


XefroX said...

heard of it...hope u wud bring the updates of it....btw visit HFM

Anonymous said...

are there any jobs available for RJs in HFM? i have experience in this field and would love to host of your english programs. email to


Anonymous said...

heard that a new party got license to broadcast.
the company is called atoll waves Maldives. if you have any info about there website ,,, can you post it here

Anonymous said...

what is the frequency of radio 7