Monday, 11 February 2008

Will Maldivians Abroad get the right to vote?

The constitution stated before that every Maldivian over the age of 21 can vote. the New constitution is passed anybody over the age of 18 have the right to vote. The constitution never said whoever is abroad at the time of voting will not have the right to vote. But they have never been given the right.In the past the Maldivians who lived abroad have been neglected when it comes to voting. If they want to vote they have to come to the country to vote.even recently when the referendum was held they neglected the issue. There seems to a lot of Embassies of Maldives Established around the world. But will the government use these institutions abroad give the citizens of Maldives to vote in the coming elections. Does anyone care about this issue?. there are a lot Maldivians in Sri Lanka , India and UK and Malaysia and other places. Will HRCM or Any political party act to make sure they get their rights?. or will they be ignored yet again?

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