Sunday, 2 March 2008

Honeymoon Period for Civil Service

today the much Awaited civil service came to operation. after today it seems that all government staff will be Managed by the Civil Service. I was thinking that today the president would issue a decree postponing the handover of government management reasoning that there are some issues clarified by the majlis as there are ammendment recommended by the government to exclude some more government offices from the civil service. But thankfully it didn't happen that way. However the first day in operation it seems it received a complain from a senior government official on his job reallocation from one ministry to another. May 1st is the deadline for the civil service fully come active. the two months ahead of the deadline is seen as the Honeymoon period of the Civil Service. it would receive numerous complains from the civil servants and it is how they tackle these complains and the challenges they come across that will make the people believe in the Civil Service and its Integrity. lets hope things goes well

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