Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Ammendments to Exclude Friends and Family

The government have sent amendments to the civil service law to exclude a lot of people from the list of civil service. Almost all the entities the government wants to be excluded includes the members of the " favor List of the government". the Government's Proposed include Minister Level Posts, State Minister Level Posts,Special Advisers to the President, Political advisor's to the Ministers, Atoll Chiefs , Island Chiefs, and so on. Most of the people say the government seems to be afraid of loosing the Power they had on the people and the government is not very truthful of bringing reforms to the country and the government always favors Family and friends over the people.
Some People Even say the President may even Declare that civil service is not acceptable for the country yet and may abandon the civil service law.It seems Law is not for friend and family. or maybe most of the Time to attract customers companies are using Friends and Family package and the Government just copied their strategy .

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