Monday, 17 March 2008

Toxic Water

Days after the tragic death of five ppl food and drug authority confirmed that the water used for cleaning the fish in the main fish market and the surrounding sea area near to the fish market. the food and drug authority blamed it on contamination of fish waste and swerage for the toxity. the question is what the about the other areas?. is the waters surrounding the male' safe. a lot of waste is thrown to the sea by the dhoanis anchored and even swerage is disposed to the sea. the authorities need to make sure that the water is safe in other areas and if there is the public should know if there is any danger. it would be good to check the track area and the artificial beach area where most go for swimiing to see if there is any concers that the public should know about. if there is a concern it should be addressed. we need to do that to avoid the conflicts between government officials after the mish market deaths that one warned the other of the toxic nature before the incident. its always better to tackle the problem before it gets deadly.

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