Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Civil Service Will it come to Life

will the Civil Service really come to life on May 1st is a qiestion difficult to answer now. With Major amendments proposed to the Civil Service Law raises a lot of Questions. Already the Civil Service Commision Has Started to giving Notice to People Over 65 that they will have to retire after 1st of May. But the amendments proposed suggest to give them a period of two more years. If the amendments gets Passed then the Letters Civil Service Sent will be a waste. Furthermore the Presidents office have it seems instructed Government Offices to treat the people who are exemted from the Civil Services Commision in the ammendment it proposed to the majlis as Political Posts. The Civil Service are conducting training to Government Staff about the Law and if the amendments got passed most of the onformation would be of no use. hence the Service may loose the trust of the Employees. untill 1st may we will have to wait and see

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