Sunday, 15 July 2007

they are checking the dhonis for Hygeine

Food and drug authirity are going to check the dhonis for cleaniness . whats next the public toilets?


s[u]jau said...

balaaehnu... ehehe... hell yea... public toilets next for hygine.. by Food and Drugs..

Maldivian Critique said...

Why not???

Have you ever sat on the seat of a public toilet???

And guess what? You're supposed to take off your footwear before getting into the toilet in front of the T Jetty. I protested of course, and the stupid guard there didn't let me in!

Don't ask me why I didn't go home. I was bursting with pee. Any additional movement would have caused leakage.

And the MTCC Dhonees to Vilingili, Hulhumalé and Hulhulé are infested with vermin.

There are also rats and cockroaches. :-D

thakurubey said...

if thats the case then yeah it needs to be checked but who gets blamed the people who get service from there or the people who takes care of the place