Thursday, 26 July 2007

we suffered 17 years of portugese rule due to male' people

just read an article in haveeru that the independence was due to the crisis in addu at that time maybe true but we never say that we suffered 17 years of portugeese rule due to male' people. even now the "raajetherey people" are classed as people who are not very educated but it took a "raajetherey" "ganbulhi katheeb" to rid us from the portugeese which had its base in male' and the people there were too afraid to do abything. coming to the near future it was a person from the island who is responsible for the saviour of this nation from the tamils in 1988. if it wasnt for the brave hussain adam's quick response and immediate resistance to the tamils we would have been in tamils rule now. we got to stop blaming the people of atolls for every bad thing that happen.

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Frozen Solid said...

varah rangalhu haasaru gandeh.