Sunday, 27 January 2008

Another New Maldives?

Today the news came that a Movement in the name of "New Maldives" got registered in the home ministry.What would happen to the "New Maldives Movement" that became famous with the former ministers?.Interesting fact is that the movement got registered days after the current legal reform minister stated in his blog that the movement that Dr Hassan brands as new Maldives has no legal grounds. it was never a legitimate registered movement according to him.
The events that happened before the movements registered today as "New Maldives" Makes a lot of people point the finger at the government for playing dirty politics to sabotage support or Dr Hassan's Rising Popularity. Some people questions if the New Maldives Movement don't have any legal Standings why was it not Banned when they were still ministers of the government. why did it became illegal movement after Dr Hassan went against the government?. Some Adds Dr Hassan's New Maldives was legal according to old Constitution and maybe with new constitution it Became illegal. it Would be interesting to know what the people think the real New Maldives Movement is according to their view

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