Sunday, 2 September 2007

What did we vote for?

what did we vote for in the august 18 referendum?. before the voting it was said that we are not voting for if the current government is right or wrong or if we are happy with the current government. it was said we are voting for the future of our country and whats best for the future of this country. however after the vote that had changed. now we are hearing that the result indicate the support by the people for the current government and the trust people had with the current government and DRP. the hard fact of campaign lies are coming out. we are yet again fooled by the current government. some DRP people and the government and the president himself has said the result indicate support for the current government. have they forgotten that 3 other parties also campaigned for the Presidential system and the result may consist of their supporters too. dont they have any respect for the other political party and their supporters?

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