Monday, 17 September 2007

IDP says death Penalty for addicts

IDP president has said if he is president he would impose death penalty for drug addicts. well then a lot of people have to be killed and probably there would be a solution to overcrowding of the population i guess. He also said that both DRP and MDP cannot cure the drug crisis and he reasoned by saying that DRP is the party that made the crisis and MDP cant do it cause most of the top level and party activist of MDP according to him are drug addicts. serious accusation i guess if you can't prove it. abig bluff coming out from a president of a political party and from someone eho have declared that he would be running for presidency of 2008.Is what he says practical?. will the people with all disgust to addicts approve death penalty for them and to get the death penalty he would have to endorse it through the majlis will he be able to get the support of the majlis for it?. and will the international community that we are so embedded in approve it?. the answer to most is likely to be "no" than a "yes"


xhariyan said...

heheh politics dhooo..did he is that much sure that he is telling that mdp top level people are drug addicts.....i have seen this from haveeru daily tooo.nice artical bloger.keep it up cheers

Anonymous said...

Its the same thing among all political parties. But i really doubt if IDP had chosen any right approach for presidential campaign. I am also sure, what they say cannot be practiced, neither do i support it. I believe there are better means to reach the best outcomes.

thakurubey said...

thanks for the comments