Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Anyone can serve only two terms as president?

the drafting commitee have drafted the section on the president on the constitution as "anyone who have served 2 terms as presidnet cannot be the president again". Somepeople will get overjoyed by the news hoping that the current president will not be able to be president. but some will look at it in a critical way. i happen to be one who is sceptical about it. the thing hasnt been rectified by the majlis and the 29 members of the current president is still in the majlis and even if it get passed the question will be raised as to when would the 2 years be counted will it be from the date the constitution comes into affect or from the time the country became a republic. lets see what happens when the draft comes into the majlis and watch the drama as it unfolds .

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Anonymous said...

If we had directed our resources and focused our efforts into this issue, than creaing party system. much of our problems would have disappeared by now.

Party system in my view brought more deffects than any benefit. i donno how you guys feel about this.