Sunday, 30 September 2007

our peace shattered.

yeaterday would probably go down in history as the first ever bomb blast in the maldives. the bomb it seems was targetted at a specific time for a specific people.they day being the 17th of ramazaan ( the day of BADR" ) and the targetted area was tourists rather than locals do strongly suggests that this was an act of islamic extremist. if so this means that maldives have a clear threat from islamist now. but some do suggest that this may be the act of democratic reform, they set the stage so that it would be pointed at islamist. and some would say that this is the act of government to score points in the upcoming elcetions to score points. whoever did it did a serious mistake. they have striked at the already fragile economy of maldives. it shattered the record we are having as a peaceful place where you can find peace and happiness. this changes the international community views us. the people who are responsible for this childish act should be punished to the full extent of the LAW. they should not come under any pardoning of anyone whoever it is. we should not let any kind of extremism take over this peacceful nation we are so proud of.its good to know that two people have been arrested in connection hope they catch the gang behind this..


Anonymous said...

i wouldnt call attempted, planned murder a childish act, my friend. a beastly act carried out most certainly by a bearded muslim extremist.

jaa said...

I doubt the real culprits will ever be apprehended. Rather, some people will be quickly "caught", processed through speeded up trials and the matter forgotten while spinning the event for political benefit. Justice will be not be done.