Thursday, 27 September 2007

Handover the prisons to the military Says IDP

the IDP has called on the home minister to hand over the prisons to the military they claim that when the military was controlling the prison it was more organised. hmm was it really organised if it were why were a lot of inmates dead when they controlled it?. the prison may be in control but will the torture of inmates stop?.there were widespread systemetic torture when it was under the military. i dont think handing over the prison to the military will solve the problem. its not an issue of who is controlling the prison thats the problem but the managing of the prison the problem.if there were a clear code of ethics on the prison then it would be more manageble. the inmates should know what their rights are and when will the boundary stop. and the prison guards should know how they can act to control the prison at different times and when to use force and how much force they can use or rather their should be trained guards to control it.but not of this will work if the prison is being used as a political game by the political parties

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Ameer said...

great thought. I support