Monday, 21 January 2008

The President is Always Right

there is a saying customer is always right. well in Maldives the saying modified to a local way and its called the president is always right. If the president said something then it usually becomes law and anyone who says otherwise is trying to give wrong information. an incident like this happened very recently the president in a DRP gathering said that the special majlis said that the majlis passed a resolution enabling him to compete in the elections and anyone who says otherwise is not giving the right information.
The majlis said it passed a resolution saying that no one who have served two five year terms cannot compete in the elections. if the president is saying the truth then people who says of what the president said in june 9 th is lying. and people who says in the the constitution that came to effect in 1997 had the same clause and later was removed is also lying.
furthermore people who says what the president said in DRP gathering put questions of the independantness of the special majlis is also lying. The president is Always Right


Raees said...

You know you could first type out your thought in MS word, run spell-check and language-check before posting.

I get what you wanted to say in the post, but you didn't say it right.

There is also a MS word tool for blogger, try it.

BTW, I AM always right.

thakurubey said...

thank you will try to improve