Tuesday, 15 January 2008

suddenly the question of why

yesterday the special majlis passed that anybody who have completed two terms as president cannot participate in another presidential elections as a candidate. after this resolution was passed a new question was put forward. was the special majlis amending the constitution or is this a new constitution being passed.the opposition says it a constitution was ammended while the DRP or the ruling party says its a completely new constitution.
the opposition says that the special majlis was passed to amend the current constitution and because of the resolution passed yesterday the current president could not participate. and this resolution can only be changed by the high court and even high court cannot change the fact
the DRP says it is a new constitution being passed and the president can be a candidate. they say that they will go to the high court if they have to .
we probably will see heated sessions in the majlis in the days to come. some people suggest that all the problem comes because the current president wants to be the president as long as he wants

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