Saturday, 19 January 2008

I can compete for another term

the president have said in the 27th annual meeting of DRP the the special majlis have passed the resolution on five year terms so that he can still compete in another election. the opposition have been saying the opposite. The state media also promotes that the president can have another term and there were advertisement in local newspaper congratulating the president for that.
the opposition says he cant compete for another term saying the resolution clearly states that no one who have completed 2 five year term as president cannot be a candidate. how will this fight end. i asked a friend about his opinion as to if he thinks the president can compete in the elections he said yes he can. constitution says that anyone who have completed 2 five year terms as president cannot compete and the president has completed only 1 term consisting of 30 years. and in earlier elections it was kinbigasdhoshugey maumoon who competed while this time its going to be the zaeem of DRP competing. i guess he may be right

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findhana said...

he has to contest the election for "gaumuge maslahathu". The prick loves this country.

anyway, he is not the same man, he has changed....born again you can say. How can you have not changed in 30 years? Jaisham has changed him too..don't worry it wont be the same crap-loaded-mother-f^cker who'll contest the election this year!