Saturday, 12 January 2008

was the bodyguards at fault?

the bodyguards of the president has come under a lot of criticism after the attack on the president at Hoarafushi.most of them blaming the bodyguards for not reacting before the scout did. some says there was a very loose security compared to the volatile political situation at the time. some says there should be tigher security for the president specially after september 29th attack on last year. some says that this shows how little the countries security forces have been ready for a threat.
there are others who says the bodyguards did what they should do. and according to them the bodyguards did protect the president and they took the president away from harm very quickly. they say that in a campaign trip it would be difficult to have a very tight security and the bodyguards did there best given the situation.
some even suggest to investigate the issue to see of the bodyguards were in fact at fault or not

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