Friday, 4 January 2008

Free & Fair Elections , is it possible?

the government says they will do whatever it is to make the 2008 elections free and fair. but a lot of people will ask is it possible?. some say it cannot be possible with the current government in place stating that the current president is a candidate in the elections and he will use his powers to make it favourable to him. a government who have been ruling for 30 years which according to some people ruled with and iron fist have tried to forge the elections before and there is no gurantee they will not do it again. and the solution people suggest is a transitional government with independant government.
the current government heavily disagrees saying that the current constitution dosent allow a transitional govenment and all the talk a transitional government to have a free and fair elections is just another way to make lies.

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Maumoon A Q said...

Free vaane. Thi aalaathunnah vote lun free vaane. Thihen fada boye boye thibbaa ma golha verikan anekka kahaalaanan. Varah free vaane.