Saturday, 4 August 2007

in search of a name for my baby

i am going to be a father within two to three months and we are now searching for a name to be called. i would like all the help i can get in this. the gender of the baby is not known yet. we didnt want to know.


Siyah said...

I like Sarah, but it's become really common in Maldives these days.

thakurubey said...


Ibrahim said...

Boys name Zayan or zain

Girls Zainy

i suggest puting ur name at the back eg: Zayan Ahmed Samih

cheers mate

thakurubey said...

thank u

ismael said...

i really like the name Lam'ah, Minnah and Zaynah for a girl... hmmm for a boys name Intel four-core shud do fine :p