Friday, 10 August 2007

use the right to vote

most of the time we see people criticising the voting results without actively participating in it. we always say its going to be the same. but how could it be. things do change. but its not going to change if we sit at our home and loose the opportunity to make a change. the referendum is going to be taken in 8 days now and we should use our voting right to say what system we want. its going to be a close race this time and even a one vote difference is going to make a lot of difference.if we dont go to vote then we also loose the right to criticise the outcome of it. if you dont participate in it why do you talk about the result?. hope that a lot of people would vote and a lot of pepole would see how the voting is done in all the places. not only in male' the capital. dont let the way of the katheeb be the way people vote. the day of kuda kaafu or bodu kaafu is over dont let that happen. vote for what you think is good for the future of the country. hope the young would actively try to get as much people as they can get to vote on this referendum and make it a decision of every one eligable to vote.

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