Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Has the reform Agenda Failed?

We are hearing allegation and counter allegaation after the resignation of key ministers. The most talked about about the reform agenda. Has it failed or not?. and there are now questions of whoose reform agenda it is. earlier what everyone thought was that it was an agenda set by the president to bring reform to the country. but in the environment day celebration speech the president had stated its an agenda of the people and if anybody accuses the agenda has failed then they are really saying is that the peole has failed. Is this really how it is?. Is there anything the people can do to spped up the reform agenda?. ..


Obo Fili said...

Haasaru ah saabas. Thikahala molhethi poastu thah genes dhey kamah takai ufaa kuran. Cheeers.

thakurubey said...