Sunday, 19 August 2007

presidential system won

the referendum voting held yesterday has revealed that most prefer presidential over parlimentary. with result so far indicating 93042 in favour of presidential system while 57109 for parlimentary . there was high turn out at the polling stations. the question now is that how credible is the result already both major partied DRP and MDP has filed complaints of fraud in the voting process. voting will again be held in two ballot boxes in addu due to mishandling of the voting by election officials. how will the Opposition react to the result so far. will they accept the results or will they demand voting result not valid. whatever it would be a turbulent times. well lets see how things develop


Anonymous said...

what if the parliamentary system was declared the winner? won't there be people who will not believe it? i say this is the circle of life where "credibility" will always be in doubt. -y

thakurubey said...

hehe yeah if parliamentary won the other side will ask about its credibility

Anonymous said...

One way or another Maumoon is going o kill us as he will get more power!!!