Monday, 13 August 2007

3 arrested videoing torture of naked female

police today arrested 3 people for vedeoing a female student being tortued nude.what had people come to now?


Maxx said...


I went thru' you page , it was good and I wish to have it as a link in my page.Look at this it might help you a lot.


thakurubey said...

thank you

mř¸ßĽØĜĞΞĐ said...

welli have seen that video...cudsee her crying..and there were i think threeor two male.. and they werevery brutal..
its really sad tosee suchthingshappening around us. and gilrs are alwasy the victimsin here! so i got not much to say here... :(

Anonymous said...

does anyone havea link to download that video

Anonymous said...

the anonymous person before this that requested a video should be prosecuted with them! sick