Thursday, 9 August 2007

Havent Thought About it !!!!!!?

tonight at 8 pm news of TVM they said the Human Rights Commision are trying to establish a way tomake the people outside the country vote in the referendum. they said the Elections Commision they havent thought about it. what a beautiful answer. i wonder have they though that the voting registry may include people who are dead and did anything to eliminate those before publishing the voting list?. this have been the way we have been voting for the past years. how credible is the result of the vote. did they check the voting result to check if any dead person have voted?. they havent upto now updated the voting list so that someone who died in 1980s' would not be there. they have within the past never though of the people who are outside the country as eligable to vote?. or is it ounce you leave the country you are no longer considered as citizens?. we have been voting for the past 30 years and the elections commision is performing as if they were just established. there are talks that the police and the army can vote in the elections but nobody is concerned about the peolle outside. and even though it was a tradition that the police and army dosent vote can anyone prove they havent voted in the future after all the registry wont state if he is a policemam or an army person. maybe they have voted befor and maybe thats why we get 80% and over in all votes .. yeah maybe

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Ameer said...

OMG. Dead people voted for Maumoon for the past 29 years. Hope Maldives is not dead.