Wednesday, 1 August 2007

29 member removal issue in tonights sitting

the famous 29 member issue is again to be discussed in tonights sitting of the majlis. will the sitting be filled with accusation and counter accusation between members . i wonder when will this stops and is the majlis going to spend all the time discussing the 29 member issue over and over again and will the 29 members be removed with the 29 members given the right to vote for or against it?. after seeing the retake of the forged vote is their enough support for this issue within the majlis to get it passed. the government holds on to the 29 members cause thats the support they get to have their way around the majlis. when will this acting of the majlis members stop and when will they get serious about doing something for the people. the electricity bill for each sitting plus the salary and other benefits given to them is making the country go dry. it dosent help the country if this goes on and on without any concrete discussion. and most of the time the majlis members will say according to what i think. how could they say that they are not there to say what they think they are there to talk on behalf of the people that selected them. well hope this drama of the majlis with MDP and DRP fighting for the role of hero ends and hoe they think of the country before they think of their personnel grievances

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