Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Maldivians abroad stripped of theor rights

it now 3 days till the referendum and their still hasnt been a way organised for the people abroad can vote. every time the president give a speech he says this is a good democracy and yet the people abroad has been stripped of their righ to have a say in the future of their country how very democratic. the elections commisioner blame it on the special very good. have we not thought about it for 30 years because of the majlis?. too bad the attorney general resigned otherwise he may have advised the president to do so as he did to make political parties. he did point out that police and army can vote under the constitution and any law forbidding them of doing it is illegal. he must have not known that the people abroad didnt had a say in the running of government for the past 30 years. the oppsition party and the news paper is very good in putting pressure when it comes to the rights of criminals and political people but when it comes to citizens abroad and their rughts they aren't that effective. the country have failed to give the citizens of this country living abroad their voting rights.they go on the street , plan hunger strike threaten the government when someone they support is in custody but in this case nobody wants to do anything. perhaps if there was a member in parliment representing the citizens abroad it would have been a different picture. maybe he might have spoken about it in majlis maybe then when the law of the elections was written he would have made it clear that they are included in it. just maybe

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