Monday, 13 August 2007

Are we at war or are we campaigning?

are we campaigning or is DRP and MDP at war?. we are seeing daily that campaingn posters of both posters are being ripped off or burned. and now there are reports that people are getting threats of harm. it seems instead of giving the people information about the system of government all sides are concerned more with giving damage to the other side. its more like a civil war situation. i wonder if the voting will be peaceful. these acts may affect the turnout of the voting. wish both the sides get more civilised and try to give real information about the system of government so that the people can decide.there are even reports that some people are being threatened to vote for a certain system or face loosing their job. with all these things happening we dont see the elections commision getting involved or any other office getting involved to stop these actions. what to do....

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