Sunday, 5 August 2007

Government in crisis?

today the shocking news of the two people incharge of law and order namely justice minister and the attorney general resigns criticising the president heavily. this will damage the already bad image of the government further. the latest news was that the armed forces has entered the office of these two ministers and have closed down the places. it had never gone to a level as this after a resignation of ministers. the question now is how will the government get the confidence of the people now or will they ever get the confidence or are we going step by step to a military crisis?. with the referendum in the 18th this cast shadows of whether it will be held or what tomorrow holds up. the nation has entered into a dark crisis time for sure it probably is going to be a rough ride ahead keep up tp date of the issues from these sites,,,,


chopey said...

Very true. I fear the way things are going army might take over. It will be a sad day to see that happen. Next I just heard on TV a press statement by Presidents office; stating that its not happy about the comments made by Dr. Hassan. It said that he has taken a different stand now, etc. Same goes for all; DRP, Maumoon and even MDP. Recently all has changed the statements made by them, example Maumoon supporting a parlimentary system before and MDP supporting a presidential system. That changed too; justification is based on the situation and assessments, so why can't Dr. Hassan do the same. :) Singing a different song is nothing new now.

thakurubey said...