Friday, 24 August 2007

will the commisioner release the voters list

its almost a wek since the referendum and still ther is no official voting result. the 11 member commitee demands the commisioner hand over the list of people who voted in the referendum. and the opposition published a report saying that 25000 people on the list published by the elections commisioner are people who are either dead or not elogoble to vote. some people say that people who were dead also seems to have voted.if the commissioner released the list of people who voted will this allegation and speculation stop or will it increase?. the result released by the commisioner states that more than 150000 people did actually participate in the voting. this accoridng to the opposition is not true. they say the initial list released by the commisioner include 180000 people while he commisioner announced at that time that more than 194000 are eligibale to vote. and the other thing that makes doubt in peoples mind is while the commisoner admitted that they printed 300000 ballot papers why did they print additional ballot papers for the re-voting of addu. ther are so many unanswered questions that makes people not trust the results

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