Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Unbeleivable voting list

there have been rumours around the country that there are dead people on the voting list. at first i didnt beleive it until i experienced it first hand. ichecked my house and my grandmothers house abd i was really shocked at what i saw.i couldnt stop laugfing at what i saw. my mom who had passed away in 1991 is being listed as eligable to vote and i think my grandmothers name is also there who passed away in 1989. they dont have an updated list of the people in the country they dont know who is dead and alive. what can we trust now? no wonder the justice ministry is looking for people who have been sentenced without them being there. probably most of them have passed away decades ago. i am begining to question is 300000 of the people counted with this list?. you never know